Ruskin Air & Sound Control


Swartwout manufactures a wide variety of both industrial control and backdraft dampers capable of meeting any industrial application. Swartwout manufactures their dampers out of both steel and fiberglass. Fiberglass dampers are appropriate for applications where corrosive chemicals may be present in your application.

Blast Dampers

Bubble Tight Dampers

Commercial-Grade Dampers

Fiberglass Dampers

Heavy Duty/Industrial Backdraft and Pressure Relief Dampers

Heavy Duty/Industrial Control Dampers
Models under this category
1104: Fiberglass control damper
1108: Fiberglass control damper
1108AF: Fiberglass Control Damper
426: Fiber-Aire Backdraft damper
426AF: Fiberglass Backdraft Damper
501: Low Leakage Damper
50TI1: Low Temperature Control Damper
701: Counter Balanced Backdraft Damper
702: Backdraft Damper
702BL: Heavy Duty Blast Damper
710: Counter Balanced Backdraft Damper
801V1: Heavy Duty Control Damper
801V2: Heavy Duty Control Damper
802HT: High Temperature Control Damper
802V1: Heavy Duty Industrial Control Damper
802V2: Heavy Duty Industrial Control Damper
810: Heavy Duty Control Damper
811A1: Heavy Duty Control Damper
811A2: Heavy Duty Control Damper
822A1: Heavy Duty Control Damper
822A2: Heavy Duty Control Dampers
822A3: Heavy Duty Control Damper
822A4: Heavy Duty Control Damper
842: Radial Vane Diffuser
851: Inlet Vane
851FG: Fiberglass Inlet Vane
852: Nested Inlet Vane
861: Round Discharge
87X: Heavy Duty Steel Control Damper
901: Heavy Duty Round
902: Heavy Duty Round
903: High Pressure Round
904: High Pressure Round
905: High Temperature Round
910: Heavy Duty Round
911: Heavy Duty Fiberglass Round
912: Heavy Duty Fiberglass Round
912NA: Heavy Duty Fiberglass Round Control Damper
914: Heavy Duty Fiberglass Round
914NA: Heavy Duty Fiberglass Round Control Damper
PDR703: Round Pressure Relief
SBTO92: Bubbletight Damper - Oval
SBTR92: Bubbletight Damper - Round
SPSD: Pressure Seal Damper