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While providing fresh air intake and exhaust, Swartwout Louvers can also provide architectural style to a building design. With the variety of models, sizes, and paint finishes available, Swartwout Louvers can add unusual and appealing features to exterior and interior elevation. Models are available in formed steel construction for strength and durability, and in extruded aluminum construction for superior corrosion resistance and appearance. Available designs include visible mullion-type drainable blades for prevention of water penetration and continuous non-drainable blades which create a more pleasing visual effect. Finishes are available that complement the aesthetics of the louver and provide protection and resistance against environmental abuse and weathering factors. Swartwout offers stationary, acoustical and adjustable louvers.

Acoustical Louvers

Adjustable Louvers

Combination Louvers


Stationary Louvers
Models under this category
AE60: Adjustable Extruded Aluminum
AE61: Adjustable Extruded Aluminum
AF40: Adjustable
AF60: Adjustable
AFG40: Adjustable Fiberglass
CE61: Combination Extruded Aluminum
CF60D: Combination
SE37: Stationary Louver
SE40DD: Stationary Extruded Aluminum
SE60: Stationary Extruded Aluminum
SE60DD: Stationary Extruded Aluminum
SEA60: Stationary Acoustical
SEA60M: Adjustable Acoustical
SF40: Stationary
SF60: Stationary
SFA12: Stationary Acoustical
SFA12A: Stationary Acoustical
SFA4: Stationary Acoustical
SFA6: Stationary Acoustical
SFA8: Stationary Acoustical
SFG40: Stationary Fiberglass
SFL800: Stationary Extruded Aluminum
SFL800D: Stationary Extruded Aluminum