Ruskin Air & Sound Control

702BL : Heavy Duty Blast Damper

Swartwout model 702BL is designed to provide protection for systems and equipment which are exposed to the damaging effects associated with blast pressures or instantaneous pressure changes.  Applications include storage areas containing volatile materials, building de-pressurization resulting from tornadic activity, or ductwork protection. 


The 702BL features:

·          Standard galvanized steel construction with Stainless Steel options.

·          Standard construction 702BL is designed to withstand blast pressures of up to 3.0 psi (83” wg) with blades closed.  Customized construction available for applications subject to higher blast pressures.  Please consult Swartwout for details of construction.

·          Square-to-Round Transitions available.

·          Horizontal or Vertical Airflow Installations

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